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Articles of association

Updating companies’ articles of associations to be compliant with 2006 regulations

The UK was one of the first countries to establish rules for the operation of companies. Today, more than 6 million businesses in the UK benefit from a system of company law and corporate governance that decides how they are formed and run, and how business is conducted. The Companies Act 2006 is the primary […]

7 benefits of a long-serving director

A company’s board is its heart – and what goes on in the boardroom will have a significant impact on the health of a company. Companies need to ensure that the makeup of their board provides the best possible combination of experience, expertise, enthusiasm and ability. It is no use if every director is ‘gung-ho’ […]

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5 tips for effective subsidiary management

As the global marketplace continues to expand, businesses are looking to all corners of the world to build their consumer base – and their company footprint. But while there may be huge advantages to expanding your business through subsidiaries – including having feet on the ground in emerging markets – there can be unforeseen problems […]

MSP Secretaries

John Stuttaford

Press Release, 31st August 2021 MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars are sad to announce the death of their founder and non-executive Chairman, John Stuttaford, who died peacefully on Sunday 29th August. Philippa Keith, Managing Director of MSP Secretaries, said: John started the business over 30 years ago and was a leading light in the industry. […]