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10 tips to choose the best company name

The name you pick for your business can have a huge impact on the way that customers and investors will view and connect with your brand. Choose a really effective company name and it can be one of your most valuable marketing tools. But a bad choice could stop your business from taking off. In […]

John Stuttaford

Press Release, 31st August 2021 MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars are sad to announce the death of their founder and non-executive Chairman, John Stuttaford, who died peacefully on Sunday 29th August. Philippa Keith, Managing Director of MSP Secretaries, said: John started the business over 30 years ago and was a leading light in the industry. […]

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Virtual Board Meetings – 10 tips to make them a success

Ever since the pandemic took hold, businesses have had to adapt to running mostly online. Meetings of all shapes and sizes have migrated to becoming virtual and boards have had to meet more regularly to discuss navigating their companies through uncertain times. Even as restrictions ease, it’s likely that virtual board meetings will remain for […]

Statutory books

Things to consider when selling a business: Statutory books

So, you’ve decided to sell your company. Congratulations! Selling a business is a significant milestone in both your career and company history. But before you get ready to sign any contracts, there are several steps you’ll need to take—such as getting your statutory books in order to ensure the process is as painless as possible. […]


Why Do I Need A Registered Office?

“A company must at all times have a registered office to which all communications and notices may be addressed”. –  Part 6,s86 of the Companies Act, 2006. Any company (public or limited), or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in England and Wales, must supply a registered office address. This is the official location of a company […]


5 Benefits of Outsourcing Company Secretarial Services

Answer these questions honestly. Do you spend too much time looking for effective ways of managing your company? Do you micromanage or struggle to keep up with new rules and regulations? If so, it might be time to bring in third-party help. Outsourcing company secretarial services can be a cost-effective way of streamlining your business […]

Limited Company Shares Explained

Following on from our guide to forming a UK company, this explanatory guide will go into more depth about limited company shares. In basic terms, a share represents a portion of a company. To form a limited company, there must be at least one share issued and how much this share is worth in monetary […]

How to form a company in the UK – a quick guide

This guide will answer pertinent questions around company formation, including, ‘What types of companies are there?’, ‘How to form a UK company’ and ‘What is the role of Companies House?’. A British company is a legal entity in its own right, a classification which distinguishes it from the people that own, run or work for […]


As part of our providing advisory support to assist AIM Company compliance with QCA Corporate Governance Code we are providing support in the facilitation of internal Board Evaluations. The QCA Code on Board Evaluations The QCA Code explains the rationale of an effective Board and the benefits of a Board evaluation process as follows: MAINTAIN […]