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What is an AGM, when do AGMs happen and more questions answered.

What is an AGM? The Complete Guide

The annual general meeting (AGM) is a firm fixture in the calendar of UK public companies. It serves as an opportunity to reflect on the previous year’s performance and provides vital information to shareholders. An AGM also looks to the future, setting clear company-wide targets for the coming year and analysing the market and industry […]

Alphabet shares for companies

How and why companies should use alphabet shares

The ownership of a limited company is divided up into shares. These are portions of the company owned by shareholders or members that entitle them to some of the profits. There are four main types of company shares – ordinary, non-voting, preference and redeemable – all of which convey different rights on the shareholder. Most […]

Registering a company in the UK.. Properly!

Registering a company in the UK is not expensive and we regularly see offers stating that the registration of a company is free with certain products. Many people don’t know how to register a company so this may be a very tempting, however this approach poses significant risks for companies.


AGM’s – adopting financial statements as the first resolution

The first resolution of an AGM is often to receive and adopt the financial statements. This is in spite of there being no legal requirement in the Companies Act for any resolution relating to the accounts to be put to members. In other words, technically speaking there is no legal need to do this.

Articles of association

Updating companies’ articles of associations to be compliant with 2006 regulations

The UK was one of the first countries to establish rules for the operation of companies. Today, more than 6 million businesses in the UK benefit from a system of company law and corporate governance that decides how they are formed and run, and how business is conducted. The Companies Act 2006 is the primary […]

Keeping statutory books up to date

Why you need to keep statutory books up to date

All businesses know the importance of keeping accurate and up-to-date records. But when it involves statutory books, there is a legal imperative to get it right – and failure to do so could land you in hot water. The Companies Act 2006 requires every company to keep their statutory books maintained and readily available for […]

Corporate Re-domiciliation

As part of the 2021 budget, the chancellor has launched a consultation with UK companies on the government’s corporate re-domiciliation proposals. At MSP, we are conscious of our corporate responsibility and have therefore proactively engaged with this consultation process. In this opinion piece, we will set out our position on the proposed corporate re-domiciliation legislation.    Re-domiciliation […]

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What do you do on the death of a company director?

A successful business needs to plan for every eventuality, and while it is difficult to think about losing a key member of the company, unexpected illness or death needs to be factored into any business plans. For a company, the death of a director has serious implications. Along with the effect on staff and customers […]

Business people holding a meeting

AI transcripts v minutes – what’s the best way to record your meeting?

With many traditional administrative tasks being taken over by tech, is there still a place for in-person minute taking for meetings? Minutes have long provided an accurate record of meetings, from AGMs to board meetings and client discussions to team meetings. Often taken by a company secretary, minutes provide a summary of a meeting that […]