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Corporate Re-domiciliation

As part of the 2021 budget, the chancellor has launched a consultation with UK companies on the government’s corporate re-domiciliation proposals. At MSP, we are conscious of our corporate responsibility and have therefore proactively engaged with this consultation process. In this opinion piece, we will set out our position on the proposed corporate re-domiciliation legislation.    Re-domiciliation […]

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What do you do on the death of a company director?

A successful business needs to plan for every eventuality, and while it is difficult to think about losing a key member of the company, unexpected illness or death needs to be factored into any business plans. For a company, the death of a director has serious implications. Along with the effect on staff and customers […]

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AI transcripts v minutes – what’s the best way to record your meeting?

With many traditional administrative tasks being taken over by tech, is there still a place for in-person minute taking for meetings? Minutes have long provided an accurate record of meetings, from AGMs to board meetings and client discussions to team meetings. Often taken by a company secretary, minutes provide a summary of a meeting that […]

MSP FIT Programme Flyer

MSP Fit Programme Flyer Offer copy PDF The MSP FIT Programme offers a complete review of your company’s statutory books, whether it be in preparation for listing, for purchase or for general good house keeping. The proactive review of your books ensures that they are up date to date and fully accurate, this in turn […]

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AGMs vs EGMs – what is the difference?

Shareholder meetings are an important means of enabling transparency and accountability over company policies and performance. They provide an opportunity for members to question the board over company strategy, hear the views of other shareholders and make decisions.  But what is the difference between an annual general meeting (AGM) and an extraordinary general meeting (EGM)? […]

What is the ICO Data Protection Fee?

The ICO fee MSP Often, in our capacity as a corporate secretariat, MSP is asked why companies are receiving the data protection fee from the Information Commissioners office (ICO). The purpose of this blog is to give interested parties some background as to what this ICO fee is, how much it may cost and the […]

Suzanne Alves – New senior hire

New senior hire for MSP in London   8th November 2021 - MSP Secretaries is delighted to announce the appointment of Suzanne Alves, a highly experienced company secretary,  to lead the London office.   Suzanne has multi sector experience with clients ranging from private to public and single entities to large organisations.  She brings a combination of technical know-how and […]

7 benefits of a long-serving director

A company’s board is its heart – and what goes on in the boardroom will have a significant impact on the health of a company. Companies need to ensure that the makeup of their board provides the best possible combination of experience, expertise, enthusiasm and ability. It is no use if every director is ‘gung-ho’ […]

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5 tips for effective subsidiary management

As the global marketplace continues to expand, businesses are looking to all corners of the world to build their consumer base – and their company footprint. But while there may be huge advantages to expanding your business through subsidiaries – including having feet on the ground in emerging markets – there can be unforeseen problems […]