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Registering a company in the UK.. Properly!

Registering a company in the UK is not expensive and we regularly see offers stating that the registration of a company is free with certain products. Many people don’t know how to register a company so this may be a very tempting, however this approach poses significant risks for companies.

Corporate Re-domiciliation

As part of the 2021 budget, the chancellor has launched a consultation with UK companies on the government’s corporate re-domiciliation proposals. At MSP, we are conscious of our corporate responsibility and have therefore proactively engaged with this consultation process. In this opinion piece, we will set out our position on the proposed corporate re-domiciliation legislation.    Re-domiciliation […]

What is the ICO Data Protection Fee?

The ICO fee MSP Often, in our capacity as a corporate secretariat, MSP is asked why companies are receiving the data protection fee from the Information Commissioners office (ICO). The purpose of this blog is to give interested parties some background as to what this ICO fee is, how much it may cost and the […]