Are your shares in the saddle?

Good cyber security goes hand in glove with adhering to the upcoming requirements of the GDPR. At Share Registrars, our offices are physically secure, with controlled access and an ‘out of hours’ alarm and video surveillance in place. We use a secure VPN with state of the art firewall protection to communicate from our site by domain joined PCs to our cloud deployed solutions.

To increase security further, our computer systems require a password login and additionally 2-Step verification if accessed from outside of the office. In addition to the Microsoft cloud environment’s already strong security features, we have anti-virus software installed both locally on desktop machines and remotely. The data we hold on our cloud-based systems is all encrypted both when in transit and when at rest.

Besides our own bespoke program for maintaining our client registers, the use of cloud-based deployment and software ensures that our systems are continually kept up-to-date for us by the cloud provider and by Civica, who support our systems. Also, any data files we send as email attachments are encrypted. Shortly, Share Registrars will be able to encrypt email content too.

Generally, it should also be taken into account that much of the data we hold can be considered as ‘in the public domain’. This is because share registers are, by law, made available for inspection. Data deemed to be ‘in the public domain’ does not fall within the remit of the GDPR.

We aim to hold as little truly private data as possible; we only hold that which is directly necessary for us to comply with legal requirements or for the express execution of our duties as registrars. An example would be the bank details of shareholders where they have expressly requested dividend payments to be made to them through electronic transfer.

For help sorting out your shares to comply with GDPR, or any other general enquiries, do not hesitate to contact Philippa Keith on 020 76375216 or at