IPO Support & Project Management

  • Project Management
  • Board & Executive Support
  • Life as a Newly Listed Business

From the time an IPO is contemplated the project will be very resource heavy, technical and may have a significant impact on a management team already heavily committed in running the day to day operations of the business. MSP have solutions that can significantly reduce the burden of an IPO process.

MSP can offer an IPO service that maximises the efficiency of your internal management team in relation to the IPO project; facilitates and manages your advisors effectively; and provides transactional assistance, advice and support through MSP’s legal services offering throughout the project including input into prospectus drafting and verification. MSP’s solution operates to maximise the input of a management team into the IPO as efficiently as possible, allowing management to focus on the key decisions and to minimise the distraction from operational issues. Share Registrar services are also available from MSP to facilitate an IPO.

On completion of an IPO, life as a listed company will bring changes, not in the least the increased compliance requirements but also possible cultural changes as a business adapts to more transparency. MSP has solutions that can ensure management, employees and Boards alike adapt to life as a listed entity in a commercial way that protects shareholder value. MSP can also provide or mentor Company Secretarial resource ensuring a company’s corporate governance and company secretarial functions are class leading and meet the demands of an increased compliance and governance regime.

We provide flexible and tailored offerings, from an ad-hoc specialist advisory role through to a fully outsourced company secretariat that would cover all aspects of Board & Committee advisory & support, employee training to embed the new listing regime through to full compliance assurance.

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