Company Secretarial Management & Administration

  • Company Formations
  • Registered Office Services
  • Compliance Advisory & Support
  • Companies Act & Statutory Compliance
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Board Meetings Management
  • Annual Reporting

MSP is a trusted partner to a range of private companies who are increasingly looking to outsource part, or all, of their company secretarial function. Owners, CEOs and finance directors alike are seeking to focus on their core responsibilities and look to the expertise of MSP to run their Company Secretariat. This approach improves business performance.

MSP can provide business benefit in a variety of ways whether ad-hoc or on-going as part of an outsourced company secretarial function.

Our focus is to provide business benefits through all our company secretarial services and in the traditional areas of company secretarial support, for example in statutory services and compliance, we ensure our expertise and knowledge of a client ensures all company secretarial matters contribute to the efficient running of a private company.

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