MSP has been providing an outstanding service to its clients for more than 25 years and is a leading independent provider of Company Secretarial & Corporate Services to all types of company operating in the UK.

Our experience, client knowledge and dedication to client service can save businesses valuable time that can be more productively used in the pursuit of improved performance.

Our promise

We use the latest technology to enhance our service, and not to replace the personal touch.  We are close at hand and speak without jargon.  We will take the time necessary to support a client with an issue to a client’s satisfaction, however arduous.  Our clients know the people they deal with and gain the benefit.

Inside MSP

MSP has a deep and expert knowledge gained in a variety of roles in commerce, industry and practice and in the public, private and other sector environments that gives a real advantage to our clients.

Key Personnel


Philippa Keith

Managing Director
Team Ian

Ian Farrelly

Director of Corporate Services

James Rosling

Director of Accounting Support
Team Kate

Kate Furley

Head of Payroll

Alexandra Oglethorpe

Head of Accounting Support