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The P11D form is used by the employer to report expenses...

A worrying report was released a few months ago stating that almost one in four small businesses in the UK had taken no action regarding the new GDPR. In this frenetic world, we understand that statutory changes get somewhat shoved under the carpet- but GDPR is not something you want to ignore; the fines for non-compliance are higher than ever...

Good cyber security goes hand in glove with adhering to the upcoming requirements of the GDPR. At Share Registrars, our offices are physically secure, with controlled access and an ‘out of hours’ alarm and video surveillance in place. We use a secure VPN with state of the art firewall protection to communicate from our site by domain joined PCs to our cloud deployed solutions... 

Over the course of the next two years, by law minimum pension contributions will increase. As the director, it is your responsibility to ensure that these increases are put into place...

The People with Significant Control Regime (PSC), which was included in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, has been up and running since last year and most will be familiar with the process of the PSC register...

It’s nearing 5 years since Automatic Enrolment was introduced in October 2012 and already 5 months since the deadline in April 2017 for all existing firms to have enrolled their staff. But the deadlines are not over yet: another looms in 5 months time…

It is very easy for a company to be unintentionally struck off when one does not want it to. Failing to file documents ...

AGM season is on us and, yet again, the notice period is the subject of many debates...

As an employer, you are not permitted to ask for or check your employees’ personal tax codes. This may not appear to be a problem, but it means the employees are responsible for checking that their code is correct. With the wrong tax code, an employee may not be receiving the correct amount of pay.

Whilst there has been a steady stream of bureaucratic work loaded onto businesses over recent years there has been nothing as onerous as the General Data Protection Regulations, which are about to come into force by 25th May 2018...





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